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L’Orma S.S.D. a r. l.
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Expectations: Finding new partners for my new projects. Sharing my Erasmus sports experiences


Leonardo Cunha

Expectations: Networking and Knowledge Sharing


Expectations: I hope to inspire others with our concept but also to find new ways of collaboration and to overcome challenges in order to roll out the idea on an international level.


Expectations: I’d like to join EU SPORT LAB, highlighting our university’s work in community, health, social, and environmental areas, plus discuss future initiatives.


Nevena Jovanovic

Expectations: I expect to both contribute to and benefit from working on the common purpose of sustainability of projects in the sport field with other organizations.
Expectations: To connect with people and ideas. Where to explore new opportunities for business and collaboration. To gain and share knowledge in the field of sport and education practices.


Expectations: To present all our project ideas to potential partners and to make connections that can be transformed into win-win collaborations for the next E+ deadline.


Petya Petkova

Expectations: Expect to enhance support for sports NGOs; We are with a strong history of developing web projects for numerous organizations over the years.


Expectations: I expect networking and sharing ideas. I enjoy developing projects especially to rural areas and recreational sports.


Alberto Bichi

Expectations: We expect to meet sport enthusiasts from all over Europe to strengthen our network and launch new ambitious and forward-looking projects.


Sebastiano Lommi

Expectations: We expect to meet sport enthusiasts from all over Europe to strengthen our network and launch new ambitious and forward-looking projects.


Expectations: New project ideas & partners that could bring other options to enlarge the portfolio of services to try building a strong proposal for changing the current situation of inactivity


Luca Amadessi

Expectations: To meet interesting people willing to share ideas in order to make long-term impact projects on worldwide scale
Expectations: By participating in EU SPORT LAB, we expect new partnerships and inspiration to drive innovation and excellence in the field of sports.


Expectations: Participation in EU SPORT LAB is anticipated to yield invaluable insights and foster innovative collaborations, thereby enriching our network and cooperation.


Expectations: Share experiences with participants Enhance skills in designing successful project proposal Develop ideas to enhance the impact and the sustainability of European projects


Expectations: I hope to meet new people, share ideas, and work on new projects. I also look forward to catching up with old partners and brainstorming for future plans.


Expectations: To expand on new ideas and meet/brainstorm/network with potential partners. To share our expertise and experience in the field of sport and Erasmus+ projects.


Roberto Solinas

Expectations: Networking, Out Of E+ Box Thinking and Action.

Zoltan Szerdahelyi

Expectations: Nerworking, find new ideas.


Juris Riekstins

Expectations: Meet new people, discuss great project ideas, share may experience of how to make projects sustainable via usage of interactive e-learning solutions.


Expectations: I expect an event that brings together EU-funded projects, sports enthusiasts and networking chances for developing new ideas and opportunities. Exciting prospects ahead!


Expectations: Building stronger relationships with old partners and establishing new networks, creating innovative ideas and being in an inspiring environment.


Expectations: It offers an excellent opportunity to foster international collaboration and partnerships in the field of sports for underprivileged children.



Expectations: I expect to share experiences and dilemmas when it comes to project sustainability; to come up with concrete solutions and partnerships for high quality follow-up projects.


Verica Mance

Expectations: Networking Inspiration Professional development


Expectations: By participating in the EUSport LAB 2023 I expect to strengthen alliances, exchange knowledge and working practices, and learn new inspiring ideas that we can implement in Hungary.


Expectations: To connect with other participants, create good project ideas and find partners for future projects.


Expectations: I expect mostly to expand our european network and meet new partners. This would open the door for new collaborations within different european projects.
Expectations: Meeting and Networking with senior people, with clear strategic thinking and focused on the use of Sport as a tool to made the world and the society more sustainable.


Expectations: Knowledge and Insights; Networking Opportunities; Skill Development; Innovation and Technology; Collaboration and Partnerships; Idea Generation


Expectations: Developing our network and meeting new partners Building new partnerships for new project proposals Creating new proposal ideas


Expectations: Developing new partnerships and strengthening the old ones


Expectations: >Opportunity to design and develop concrete project ideas together with other present (and ‘serious’) organizations >Discuss/find new approaches to sustainable project designing


Expectations: Identify the key topics for projects innovations and the key topics for sustainability that will be manageble on the field and also approved by the evaluators and EU Commision


Expectations: I would like to put Champions Factory’s new sports innovation idea under discussion, elaboration and autopsy with experts from the private and public sector.


Jana Turanska

Expectations: I expect to learn more about project application writing process, meeting colleagues from the same field of work and brainstorm project ideas.


Grzegorz Paterak

Expectations: Make a new connections for further projects.


Rafał Nocoń

Expectations: New connections.


Bruno Avelar Rosa

Expectations: Networking and knowledge sharing.


Bruno Bidarra

Expectations: Meet people and share new ideas


Expectations: By participating at EU SPORT LAB, I hope to meet new people, share ideas, and find new partnerships to drive innovative sports programmes in the field of sports.


Expectations: My expectation for EUSportLab’23 is to connect with like-minded experts committed to transforming project efforts into lasting, impactful initiatives for sustainable interventions.


Armando Bala

Expectations: I hope to get motivated and inspired for ideas regarding youth and to learn ways to share my ideas on a larger audience.


Expectations: Networking and Knowledge Sharing Finding new partners for project development and ongoing Present our project ideas


Expectations: Share knowledge in the field of Physical Activity, outdoor and education practices. Networking Share project development not only ideas but concrete ones Find new partners


Katerina Iotova

Expectations: Make new connections and reinforce existing ones when it comes to partnerships, project innovation and impact in the field of sport.


Pari Alvanos

Expectations: I aim to network and share insights on disability sports, leveraging my role in the Greek Paralympic Committee at EU SPORT LAB.


Expectations: To meet new organisations from Europe and to learn from them about good practices and programs.


Eniko Nagy

Expectations: As part of the European Network of Living Labs our organization is doing projects in the field of wellbeing, sport and fitness. We look for cooperation in this field.


Maria Grazia Pirina

Expectations: Networking and being inspired by meet new potential partners whom create a solid cooperation. Sharing new projects ideas.
Expectations: I would love to find cutting-edge tech, collaborative brainstorming, and a platform to turn our brightest sports ideas into reality.


Expectations: The right partners to develop the project


Angel Kugiyski

Expectations: Enhancing my knowledge on sports projects in the EU; Meeting new cultures; Expanding my professional network; Exchanging best practices with fellow professionals


Expectations: Financing methods and partners for potential international growth; interested countries that would like to see the platform in their market and ideas on how to finance it


Expectations: Sharing ideas.


Expectations: New relationships, gaining insights from others, and engaging in dynamic discussions about innovative sports concepts and CircleSquare, aiming to develop potential partnership


Expectations: To develop this project internationally connecting different type of suburbs

Maria Vittoria Borriello

Expectations: To find partners who believe in our project and decide to join us in this path of social franchising

Sarah Zenab Arshad

Expectations: Finding new partner to establish new impactful collaborations


Expectations: Meeting new projects and people focused on using sport as a tool for a society with fewer inequalities and more opportunities


Expectations: Seeking partnerships for inclusive basketball for people with ID; ready to present our innovative concept as a local club with great field practice to be multiplied all over the EU


Anna Blazquez Abella

Expectations: I expect to learn, I expect to be able to explain our project and to find parners to work in same values projects

Lion Reinacher

Expectations: Meet other like-minded people, form strong partnerships, and get insights into how to scale internationally.


Pablo Raya-Demidoff Valencia

Expectations: This is my first time at it, so I expect I can learn more things about it and be better prepared for the next edition!